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I work with painting, often in mixed media, collage and video.
Part of the fascination in various materials are related to their purely tactile qualities, the  feeling of mat or lustrous surfaces, semi-transparent or solid materials. Contrasts and tension effects that are embedded in the material of my works.
Some years ago I started  to examine the possibilities of video with an idea to create, what I call
“ video paintings”, in this media. In the moving picture you are present in the intersection of the more constant and the changing where time and space can be depicted with greater clarity.

I am inspired by the alteration and development everything passes through. With this follows a curiosity for the internal changes I as a living, sentient creature constantly experience. As an artist I aim to spend where this process is taking place, that is in the area separating the external reality from the internal. This space conceal a powerful, magic force which attracts me and I want to listen and communicate this in my art.


Curriculum vitae

Born in Eskilstuna, Sweden 1958
Eskilstuna folkhögskola and Gerlesborg Shool of Fine Art in Stockholm.
The Swedish  National Artist’s Organization KRO
Uppsala Artist’s Assosiation UKK
2012  Art assosiation at Medical Products Agency, Sweden
2012 Hera Gallery , Stockholm
2012 Konstfrämjandet Gallery Västerås, Sweden
2010 Gallery 1, Uppsala, video / installation ”Echoes”
2010 Jakobsbergs Art Hall, paintings
2010 Church of Old Uppsala, NN- an interpretation of Baptism, video / installation
2009 Hera Gallery, Stockholm
2009 Gallery Villavägen sju in Uppsala
2009 Konstfrämjandet, Uppsala
2005 Gallery 1 ”plus röd”, Uppsala
Juried group exhibitions
2012 Liljevalchs Art Hall Stockholm, Vårsalongen
2006 Uppsala Museum of Art
1992 Uppsala Museum of Art.
1990 Uppsala Museum of Art
1983 Eskilstuna Museum of Art
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Kleinsassen Kunststation, Germany
2009 Litterart, Bror Hjorth’s House Art Gallery, Uppsala
2008 Studio Blocking, Tibro Art Hall
2008 Open Call Röda Sten Cultural Center, Göteborg
2007 Gallery Rita, Götegorg.
2006 Exhibitions of the network ”Signs of the Time”, Klaipeda Art Hall and Academy of fine Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania. July-August
2005 Gallerie Hinter them Rathaus, Wismar, Germany
2007 Swedish-Norwegian Cooperation Fund
2005 Kleinsassen Grant,Germany.
2005 Swedish-Norwegian Cooperation Fund
2002 Luthagen Municipality and Cultural Grant
Selected projects
Cover of VHS Fulda course catalog HT-06.
Cover and participation in the book ”New Art in the Church Room”, Uppsala diocese-2007. ISBN 978-91-633 -1677-7
Exhibition ordered by Old Uppsala Church based on the idea from the book ”New Art in the Church Room.”
Västerås, Uppsala, Enköping and Järfälla Municipality, University Hospital Uppsala, Kleinsassen Kunststation.
Guest teacher
at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Faculty of Landscape Planning


NN 2010 Old Uppsala Church
-an interpretation of the Baptism.

It feels a bit like a paradox to write a supplementary text about my piece of art , as I in the first place have chosen to exclude words and instead reflect the ritual in pictures, sounds and music. A painting over time and space, a rythm , a pulsation and flow of life.
Yet I have decided to write this text as a background to my toughts and ideas with this video.
From my way of painting I brought a method where I work with the picture in layers. As life that works on different levels.
The idea to shoot the video directly on the wall was there from the beginning. I want my piece of art to be a part of the building, to grow from it like a contemporary wall painting. I willingly imagine, that what happend between this walls in the past leaves its traces in my ” painting”, that the walls are speaking.

The ritual of the Baptism is filled with symbolism; the water, the crucifix, the candle and other symbols. I have used them all but I also found inspiration from other sources, both from the Bible and from other various context.
One exampel is the curtain of pearls to witch I got the idea from ” Frälsarkransen”,  or The pearls of life as it also is called. A rosary where each pearl has its own specific symbolic value corresponding to different occasions in life, the Baptism is symbolised by a large white pearl.
In The Book of Revelation (2:12 , 17) I was caught by a text wichs gave me a picture    I wanted to use. It deals with how God gives a white stone with a name to those who listen;
”and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”
To me this is a strong and beautiful picture about our itegrity, about our innermost room. About the appointment we can make with ourselfs, with our true essence, in the parlour of our heart.

Katrina Loelv